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Fitness Equipment Repair and Maintenance
Nobody likes to see "Out Of Order" signs - not you,not your clients, and not us either. metro fitness stand ready for your call to promptly and accurately repair your fitness equipment when needed. Our technicians will; diagnose and communicate on the issuses at hand, prepare a detailed proposal for the repair needs and costs, them swiftly move to complete the work needed. Our goal is simply to minimize downtime and maxize customer satisfaction.  With local technicians, there is no need to wait weeks for an appointment or a repair. Get your equipment fixed on-time, every time!

Preventative Manintenance

Preventative maintenance program will ensure your equipment is running at it’s highest efficiency. Equipment will be tuned and calibrated to maximize the life of your machine and keep it running better, longer. The best way to protect your Athletic Equipment and avoid potential accident liability is to prevent damage or equipment failure before it occurs, and make effective use of the recommendations immediately made after an inspection.  A structured program of contract maintenance is the best way to avoid risk and protect your equipment.

Fitness Equipment Delivery and Installation
metro fitness delivery technicians are trained and know exactly how to install any piece of gym equipment we handle. Gym equipment can be heavy, unwieldy and complicated to transport and put together. That’s where a “specialist” comes in handy.    Whether you are remodeling your home or moving, when your fitness equipment needs to be relocated call the experts!
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